Department News and Updates! August 10, 2012


  • HOLD THE DATE: Oct 6th 11 am Animal Science Alumni BBQ Lunch
  • Jim Murray appointed Chair of the Animal Biology Graduate Group.  Thanks so much Trish Berger for ALL your superb work over the years!  Welcome Jim to your new role—this is a great choice
  • Joy Mench accepted Vice Chair position for ANS
  • Maja Makagon (Ph.D, under Joy Mench) accepted tenure track faculty position in the Department of Animal Sciences, Purdue University
  • USA Today reported higher enrollment in ag as students seek agricultural college degrees 
  • Ermias Kebreab lab’s work on modeling sow milk yield was featured in ASAS Taking Stock weekly news (July 30).


  • Jim Oltjen, Clayton Neumeier, & Dan Sehnert met with a member of the European Parliament to discuss UCD’s work & research in food safety,  relevant to cattle.
  • Ed DePeters, Yeunshin Lee, Dana Van Liew & Dan Sehnert presented research relevant to the sheep industry to the California Wool Growers Association’s Annual Convention held at UCD.  Katie Cassinerio  (past grad student of Ed’s) stopped by to help out. too.  


  • Alison Van Eenennaam & Missouri colleagues awarded $3 Million AFRI grant: “Identi-fication and management of alleles impairing heifer fertility while optimizing genetic gain in Angus cattle” 
  • Joy Mench co-author on “The effect of cage and house design on egg production and egg weight of White Leghorn hens: an epidemiological study.” Poultry Science 91:1552-1535.
  • Joel Van Eenennaam, Javier Linares & Serge Doroshov author “Tank spawning of first generation domestic green sturgeon.” in  J. Applied Ichthyol. 28: 505-511.
  • Richard Blatchford, Greg Archer & Joy Mench co-author “Contrast in light intensity, rather than daylength, influences the behavior and health of broiler chickens.” Poultry Science 91:1768-1775