Department News and Updates! August 12, 2016


  • Brittany Wood (incoming M.S. student who will be co-supervised by Maja Makagon & Richard Blatchford) received one of the two inaugural Arthur W. Perdue M.S. Fellowships awarded at the Poultry Science Association Annual meeting-Congratulations!
  • Alison Van Eenennaam appointed as an Advisory Council member of the Sustainable Farm Animal Productivity, Resilience, and Health council formed by the Foundation for Food and Agriculture Research (FFAR)  


  • Kirk Klasing co-author of “Effects of conjugated linoleic acid and lutein on the growth performance and immune response of broiler chickens” in Poultry Science and “Impact of nest sanitation on the immune system of parents and nestlings in a passerine bird” in J Experimental Biology


  • Bob Sainz attended the 53rd Annual Meeting of the Brazilian Society of Animal Science (aka Sociedade Brasileira de Zootecnia or SBZ) in Gramado, Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil & was quoted in the Am Assoc for Animal Science online Taking Stock newsletter and presented two talks “Precision livestock feeding - benefits for producers, consumers and the environment” & “New frontiers in ruminant nutrition research”
  • Jim Oltjen hosted training for Livestock Farm Advisors on ruminant nutrition