Department News and Updates! September 23, 2016


  • Welcome! Anna Denicol, new Assistant Professor
  • Welcome Tina Horback, new Assistant Professor
  • Holland Dougherty, who received a James Beard Foundation $20,000 National Scholars West award, will be interviewed for the SoCal Restaurant Show
  • Lydia Garas appointed Visiting Assistant Professor in Anatomy & Physiology at Whitman College in Walla Walla, WA


  • Juan Medrano, Angela Canovas & Alma Islas co-authors “Wilson Disease: epigenetic effects of choline supplementation on phenotype and clinical course in a mouse model” in Epigenetics
  • Jennifer Chen & Cassandra Tucker author "Technical note: Comparison of instantaneous scan sampling and continuous observation of dairy cattle behavior in freestall housing" in J Dairy Sci
  • Juan Medrano & Angela Canovas co-authors “Metabolic Reprogramming Regulates the Proliferative and Inflammatory Phenotype of Adventitial Fibroblasts in Pulmonary Hypertension Through the Transcriptional Co-Repressor C-terminal Binding Protein-1” in Circulation
  • Amy McLean co-author of “Reference intervals for hematological and blood biochemistry reference values in healthy mules and hinnies” in Comp Clin Pathol


  • Huaijun Zhou attended the USAID Feed the Future Innovation Lab Director meeting and The Power of Global Food Security: Examining Economic & National Security Implications in DC; the meeting also celebrated the bipartisan passage of the Global Food Security Act that ensures future funding for initiatives similar to Feed the Future
  • Alison Van Eenennaam gave two presentation at the Allen D. Leman Swine Conference in St. Paul, MN “The GMO debate: Twenty years of animal health and livestock feeding studies”, and “The #Scicomm challenge facing animal agriculture”. She also spoke on “Animal Health and Wellbeing” at the BIO Animal Biotech Summit in Washington DC.
  • Frank Mitloehner interviewed by Marketplace on the topic of California’s new greenhouse gas regulations
  • Alison Van Eenennaam quoted in San Francisco Chronicle and Food.Mic regarding food product labeling