Department News and Updates! September 28, 2012


  • Alison Van Eenennaam interviewed by Dr. Oz—broadcast date TBA
  • Joyce Fernandez joins us Oct 1 as the Graduate Group Coordinator for the Animal Biology Graduate Group & the Avian Sciences Graduate Group. Welcome!


  • Alison Van Eenennaam  & Jim Murray in Wash DC for House Agriculture Committee congressional staff briefing
  • Ermias Kebreab Toured small holder farmers in Vietnam with the National Institute of Agriculture and the US Embassy in Hanoi and agreed to develop training to reduce emission from livestock production 
  • Caleb Sehnert & ANS Meats Lab involved with the  National Pork Board retail marketing team and a Pork Quality Education course held at the UCD Meats Lab
  • Ermias Kebreab presented ‘Mitigation strategies in heifers fed rice straw’ in Khon Kaen, Thailand 
  • Abbas Ahmadi presented at the World Conference on “Evaluation of fecal coliform samples from Pensacola Bay, Florida (USA) using Pearl sanitation model” to the  World Conference on Computers in Agriculture, Taipei, Taiwan


  • Ermias Kebreab received grant from USDA Foreign Agricultural Service to work on Low Emission Development Strategies 
  • Gustavo Cruse, Anders Strathe & Jim Fadel co-authors on “Characterizing bovine adipocyte distribution and its relationship with carcass and meat characteristics using a finite mixture model” in J Anim Sci Sep 2012
  • Cruz GD, Strathe AB, Rossow HA, Fadel JG.
  • Alison Van Eenennaam co-PI on ANR awarded grant: “Risk assessment, welfare analysis, and extension education for dairy calf respiratory disease management in California”
  • Fred Conte & Abbas Ahmadi co-author “Evaluation of fecal coliform samples from Oakland Bay, Washington, using a new sanitation model.”  J. Environ-mental Health. 75(3):16-22
  • Jim Fadel & Juan Medrano co-authors on “Gender and Single Nucleotide Polymorphisms in MTHFR, BHMT, SPTLC1, CRBP2, CETP, and SCARB1 Are Significant Predictors of Plasma Homocysteine Normalized by RBC Folate in Healthy Adults” in J. Nutr Sep 2012