Department News and Updates! September 30, 2016


  • HANKS to all who made the Fall BBQ an outstanding event!! The pie eating contest was a hit.
  • Deanne Meyer interviewed by the San Francisco Chronicle on CA greenhouse gas legislation
  • Richard Blatchford interviewed by Backyard Poultry Magazine about the research at UC Davis and Riverside involving backyard chickens
  • Thanks to Emma Martinez, Kathryn Jackson, Katherine Livingston, Lisa Holmes, Megan Hayes, Brenna Sullivan, Christina Long, and Kyra Van Der Zalm for the planning & preparations and also to Jim Fadel, Lynn Martindale, Jim Murray, & Ed DePeters
  • Alison Van Eenennaam interviewed on Saskatoon TV


  • David Bunn co-author of “Can school children reliably collect rural household data in developing countries? Evidence from Nepal"  published in the journal Development in Practice


  • Joel Van Eenennaam & Anne Todgham spoke with a number of journalists from the Society of Environmental Journalists at CABA last weekend about sturgeon aquaculture in California and tools for managing stress in sustainable aquaculture
  • Richard Blatchford spoke at the Annual California Egg Quality Assurance Program in Ontario and Modesto, CA
  • Anne Todgham was at Howard University recruiting for UC Davis's Ecology & Evolution Graduate Admission Pathway program and was invited to give a research seminar on the vulnerability of Antarctic fishes to ocean warming and ocean acidification
  • Alison Van Eenennaam presented “Navigating the World of Genetic Tests” to the UC Davis Veterinary School Farm Club; “Reputation Challenges and Tactics” and “The #SciComm Challenge Facing Agricultural Technologies” at the Biotech University, Canada
  • Andrea Schreier and Joel Van Eenennaam attended the North American Sturgeon & Paddlefish Society meeting in Hood River, Oregon: Andrea presented "In vivo oocyte ageing causes spontaneous autopolyploidy in white sturgeon" and Joel presented "Benefits of a low fat finishing diet for white sturgeon caviar production."