Department News and Updates! September 9, 2016


  • WELCOME: New faces in the beef and horse programs: Don Harper leading the beef operations, Marissa Fisher overseeing herd at Sierra Foothill Research & Extension Center, and Amy McLean overseeing equine operations
  • Dr. Ying Wang from Huaijun Zhou's lab was honored with an award from Changxing Wu's Fund of Avian Breeding and Genetics for her presentation at the World Poultry Congress in Beijing


  • Mike Miller coauthor of “Parallel evolution of the summer steelhead ecotype in multiple populations from Oregon and Northern California” in Conservation Genetics
  • Richard Zinn coauthor of “Influence of Wheat Straw Pelletizing and Inclusion Rate in Dry Rolled or Steam-flaked Corn-based Finishing Diets on Characteristics of Digestion for Feedlot Cattle” in Asian-Australasian J Anim Sci.


  • Alison Van Eenennaam presented “Gene Editing: Breeding or GMO?” at National Institutes of Bioscience/ OECD sponsored meeting on Genome Engineering and the Future of Farming at the Roslin Institute, Edinburgh in Scotland; her twitter site was highlighted in CAST Friday notes
  • Huaijun Zhou gave 2 invited talks “FAANG Initiative in Poultry Genomics section” & “USAID Genomics to Improve Poultry in Small scale Poultry Production section” at the World Poultry Congress in Beijing
  • Joseph Owen, Catalina Cabrera, & Lindsay Upperman, grad students in Van Eenennaam lab, wrote, filmed, edited, & produced a 3 minute video entry on gene editing entitled “Can’t Stop the Feeding”  for the World Food Day Video Challenge