Christopher C. Calvert, Ph.D.

C. Christopher Calvert

Position Title
Professor Emeritus



Chris Calvert joined the faculty of Animal Science at UC Davis as an Assistant Professor in 1980 after completing a two-year Postdoctoral Fellowship with Professor Dick Austic at Cornell University. With colleagues Lee Baldwin, Tom Famula, and Kirk Klasing, Chris and numerous graduate students studied protein and energy metabolism.

Chris helped to develop and then taught the ABI 102/103 Animal Biochemistry and Metabolism series. During his career at UC Davis, Chris served as a firefighter in the Winters Fire Protection District, was elected to two terms on the Winters City Council, and served as Mayor of the City of Winters for two years. He was active in service to the campus including serving as the Associate dean for Graduate Programs.

Chris retired in 2015. With his wife Pat, they continue to produce commercial olive oil and a large variety of jams and jellies at their small farm in the hills South of Winters.


  • B.S., Animal Science, Montana State University, MT  1974.
  • M.S., Animal Science, Montana State University, MT 1975.
  • Ph.D., Purdue University, W. Lafayette, IN 1978
  • Post-Doc, Avian Biology, Cornell, Ithaca, NY 1978-1980

Research Interests

A major portion of our research effort uses systems analysis and modeling in support of our research in biochemistry and metabolism, with special interest in integration and synthesis of animal metabolism.

A second area of research examines the putative role that cellular hydrogen ion concentration has upon metabolism and carbon flux through metabolic pathways. .

The third area of research interest relates to the nutrient requirements of captive animals.

Selected Publications

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