Donald D. Bell, M.S.

Donald Bell

Position Title
Poultry Extension Specialist Emeritus



B.S., Animal Science, UC Davis, 1955.
M.S., Avian Science, Colorado State Univ. Ft. Collins, CO, 1972.

Research Interests

  • Economic Studies Applicable to the Egg Industry: A monthly newsletter is published with emphasis on economic issues and the egg industry. Several studies are conducted annually to support this effort including: (1). the determination of annual costs of egg production. (2). Egg price analysis (3). Annual outlook (costs and marketing). (4) Recapitulation of current factors affecting expected flock size and outlook for eggs (5). Profitability of egg production.
  • Environmental Impacts on Layer Performance: Data collection and analysis from U.S. laying hen flocks relative to temperature are analyzed and summarized. A model of expected performance is being developed to predict the effects associated with temperature with emphasis on the profitability of production.
  • Management Programs Affecting the Welfare of Poultry: Increasing public criticism about various widely practiced management systems require justification statements regarding their use. A comprehensive review of University of California research is under way in the areas of 1). cage management 2). beak trimming 3). induced molting. This effort will take a hard look at our previous research and make recommendations in light of current concerns. A summary-type publication will be published on each issue.

Selected Publications:

Adams & Bell , 1998, A Model Relating Egg Weight and Distribution to Age of Hen and Season,Journal of Applied Poultry Research

Bell, Adams, & Gvaryahu, 1998, Environment Enrichment Devices for Caged Laying Hens, Journal of Applied Poultry Research.

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Bell, 1993, The Egg Industry of California and the USA in the 1990's: a Survey of Systems, World's Poultry Science Journal.

Bell, & Adams, 1992, First and Second Cycle Egg Production Characteristics in Commercial Table Egg Flocks, Poultry Science.

Bell, & Kuney, 1992, The Effect of Fasting and Post-Fast Diets on Performance. Journal of Applied Poultry Research.

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