Yu B. Lee, Ph.D.

Yu Lee

Position Title
Professor Emeritus



Y.B. Lee retired in September 2008 after 27 years as an Animal Science professor. Y.B. worked on muscle growth and meat quality, and taught a meat science course with a lab as well as a meat processing and marketing course.


  • B.S., Animal Science, Seoul National University, Korea, 1964.
  • M.S., Meat Science, University of Wisconsin, Madison, 1969.
  • Ph.D., Biochemistry and Muscle Biology, University of Wisconsin, Madison, 1972.

Research Interests

Muscle growth and meat quality

  1. To study the effects of genetic variants and growth promotants (beta-agonists, growth hormone) on animal growth performance, muscle growth and meat quality.
  2. To study the muscle growth and muscle fiber characteristics in transgenic animals.

Postmortem biochemistry and meat quality

  1. To study the effects of postmortem treatments (temperature, pH, proteolytic enzymes, antioxidants) on meat tenderness and quality.
  2. Meat quality of forage-fed beef.
  3. Development of convenient and palatable products from beef carcass and cuts of marginal quality.

Selected Publications

  1. Lee, Y.B. and C.R Ashmore. 1984. Effect of early postmortem temperature on beef tenderness. Journal of Animal Science. 60:1588-1596.
  2. Yu, L.P. and Y.B. Lee. 1986. Effects of postmortem pH and temperature on bovine muscle structure and meat tenderness. Journal of Food Science 51:774-780.
  3. Lee, Y.B. 1986. Early postmortem measurements and conditioning in assessing and enhancing meat quality. Journal of Animal Science 63:622-632.
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  9. Sharma, A., Y.B. Lee, J.D. Murray, A.M. Oberbauer. 1996. Skeletal muscle growth of oMTla-oGH transgenic mice. Growth, Development, and Aging. 60:31-41.
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