GIP meeting at University of Ghana

Department News and Updates: September 14, 2018


  • The department welcomed 140 attendees from the US, Mexico, Australia, Brazil and Canada to the Califor-nia Net Energy System 50th Anniversary Symposium.
  • Monica Pechanec won the Louis R. Rowan Fellowship, funded by the California Thoroughbred Foundation and administered by the Center for Equine Health for her work combining molecular biology, cell culture, tissue engineering, and genomics to ultimately develop strategies to improve tendon repair in horses. Congratulations!
  • Anita Oberbauer and Jim Murray spoke with the president and deans of agriculture, horticulture and ani-mal science departments of Shandong Agricultural University during their visit to UC Davis.
  • Alison Van Eenennaam was featured in articles “Are consumers ready for genetically engineered animals? Depends how you ask” by Forbes and “New genetic technologies promise to deliver ‘AI on legs’” by Beef Central.
  • Sarah Klopatek spoke at the Climate Change Translators Showcase in San Francisco on Beef Sustainabil-ity and was the sole student representative for UC Davis.


  • Cassandra Tucker presented “Pain sensitivity and healing of hot-iron cattle brands”, “Animal welfare as-sessment for cow-calf operations: practical learnings from 30 ranches” and “Animal welfare and society: market-driven change” at the Saskatchewan Veterinary Medical Association Conference in Saskatoon, Canada and “Consistency of locomotion assessment in the beef & dairy industries” at the American Asso-ciation of Bovine Practitioners in Phoenix, Arizona.
  • Mike Mienaltowski was invited to present “Considering tissue niche and residential progenitors in tendon repair” at the 2018 North American Veterinary Regenerative Medicine Conference in Sacramento.
  • Alison Van Eenennaam gave a presentation on “Innovation in Agricultural Science” and spoke on “What’s Food Evolution got to do with Cattle Breeding?” at a public screening and panel discussion of the movie Food Evolution at the University of Idaho in Moscow, ID and presented “What’s new in Dairy Genomics?” at the Dairy Veterinary Services, Inc. meeting in Oakdale, CA.
  •  Huaijun Zhou attended the annual Genome to Improve Poultry Innovation lab meeting at University of Ghana and was invited to present at the PirBright Institute in Surrey, UK.
  • Ermias Kebreab was invited to present on trade-offs between methane emissions and nitrogen excretion in dairy cattle at the 10th International Symposium for Nutrition of Herbivores in Clermont-Ferrand, France


  • Maja Makagon published “Keel bone damage assessment: consistency in enriched colony laying hens” in Poultry Science.
  • Yanhong Liu published “Effects of dietary lysozyme levels on growth performance, intestinal morphology, immunity response and microbiota community of growing pigs” in Journal of the Science of Food and Agriculture.