Important information for prospective Transfer Students!

Planning on Transferring to either Animal Science (ANS) or Animal Science and Management (ANM) at UC Davis from your Community College?

Here's how to be best prepared:

At your Community College, COMPLETE the following course series:

  • Inorganic Chemistry (equivalent to UC Davis CHE 2A,B - C; CHE 2C is not necessary for either major but if you are interested in Veterinary School, then we recommend that you take it.)
  • Organic Chemistry (equivalent to UC Davis CHE 8A,B or CHE 118 A,B,C)
  • Calculus (equivalent to UC Davis MAT 16A,B or MAT 17A,B or MAT 21A,B)
  • For ANM majors only, students are required to take the UC Davis equivalent of MAT 16C or MAT 17C or MAT 21C.

Other recommended courses that you can take:

  • Biology (equivalent to UC Davis BIS 2A,B,C)
  • General Education

Ask your Community College Adviser what courses at your local college articulate with the above courses. You can also use, to help you figure out what courses you need.

Want to guarantee your admission to UC Davis?!

Now you can! The UC Davis Transfer Admission Guarantees (TAGs) give California community college transfer students a written promise of admission in the major of their choice, one year in advance of enrollment at UC Davis. For more information, visit the TAG website.

**Failure to complete the General Chemistry and Organic Chemistry series will delay your earning a B.S. degree from UC Davis in Animal Science.**

Feel free to contact us at if you have any questions about the majors or courses you need!