UC Davis Computing Account Services

The UC Davis Computing Account Services

This portal provides the following services:

Get your UC Davis Computing Account

Use this option to create your loginID, email address, and passphrase. New users must create their accounts at UC Davis.

Change your passphrase

If you can answer your passphrase challenge questions or you know your current passphrase, you can change the passphrase here. Otherwise, you must bring a photo ID into an IET Computer Lab that does passphrase resets.

Check the status of your account

Use this option to check which service permits are active for your account.

Verify your passphrase

You may verify your current passphrase here.

Update passphrase challenge questions

Here you can update your passphrase challenge questions to be used if you forget your current passphrase.

Ethernet registration

Wired connections such as in the dorms and classrooms on campus require registration of your computer's MAC address. Locate your MAC address and then use this option to register.

Change your directory information

Update your http://www.ucdavis.edu/ online directory information here.

Add or remove account services

This will allow you to update the service permits for your account.

Email forwarding

Enable or disable your email forwarding here. For more information about Lifetime Email Forwarding.

Test passphrase strength

This will help you to choose a strong passphrase that meets campus standards

This portal also allows you to access other account management tasks such as Online Temporary Affiliate Form.