How to Connect to UCD Library VPN

How to install

The VPN Client (Pulse Secure) needs to be downloaded and installed on your personal computer. Please use one of the links at the following website for instructions on how to install the VPN Client.


You only need to do this once. You need administrator rights to install it, if you do not have them, contact your department IT staff. After installation, make sure the client program is running before accessing licensed resources.

How to Configure

  1. Type “Pulse Secure” in your Windows search box. From the list of matches, select the Pulse Secure. The following dialog box appears:
  2. Click the plus button. The following dialog box appears:

    Use “” as the URL setting. Use “VPN Library UCD” as the Name. Click the Connect button.
  3. Another dialog box appears:
  4. Log in with your campus ID and passphrase.
  5. Once the connection is established, you will see the Pulse Secure icon on your Windows Status bar, as shown below.
  6. To disconnect, right click on the Pulse Secure icon on the Windows Status bar and then select the Exit option, as shown below: