WordPress Faculty Website

UC Davis faculty who want their own website, where they can publicly display their work and interests beyond what a departmental website might offer, have a new option on campus: Sites that use WordPress and include "ucdavis.edu" in the domain name. The service comes at no charge to faculty.

These sites are available as part of the IET Faculty Website Network. There are many reasons why a faculty member might want a WordPress site:

  • The sites display well on smartphones.
  • You can take advantage of the social media energy on campus (e.g., students can engage with each other via Twitter and you can easily import the feed to your class website).
  • Publishing to a public page allows you to share your course information and research with a wider community."
  • The sites have themes that are varied and easy to update.

The sites are available to any of the approximately 6,000 faculty, including adjuncts, at UC Davis. The sites are free of advertising and can be set up quickly. The default name for each individual site is "(Kerberose ID).faculty.ucdavis.edu," but faculty members may change the site subdomain name to whatever they would like, such as "name.faculty.ucdavis.edu" or "namelab.faculty.ucdavis.edu".

The faculty can also pay a fee of $50 and choose a domain name such as "name.ucdavis.edu", if that domain name is available.

How to Log Onto WorldPress

  1. Point your web browser to: name.faculty.ucdavis.edu/wp-admin, for example, GHGGuru.ucdavis.edu/wp-admin, The logon dialog box appears.
  2. Logon using your Kerberose username and passphrase. This is different than your department username and password.
  3. Click on the "Visit Dashboard" link to edit the website
  4. Or click on the "View Site" to view the website.

Video Tutorials


Request  a WorldPress faculty website.



Check the status of your request at:
once there, click on the "My Stuff" icon.