The AggieBuy project is a collaborative effort between UC Davis, UC Office of the President and UC e-Procurement Center for Excellence (eCOE). 

The initial Phase 1 portion of the project was composed of Accounting & Financial Services and Supply Chain Management leadership, technical team, and communication team members.

An Advisory Group provided this project with the end user and departmental perspective. The members of the group crossed a broad range of interests and units at UC Davis, ensuring a robust perspective on this project.  Phase 1 of the AggieBuy implementation project included setting up the system to allow purchasing from hosted supplier catalogs and punch-out suppliers.   Phase 1 rolled out to Production in November 2016.

Phase 2 of the AggieBuy implementation project has not yet occurred, but it will include adding requisitions, agreements, receiving, invoicing and custom forms. This phase will create a central gateway for all procurement and payment processes and will replace the procure-to-pay processes currently done in KFS. Phase two will include the addition of the following features:

  • Ability to request high-value orders requiring bidding/competitive pricing
  • Improved/streamlined user interface for procurement/payment
  • Service Procurement
  • Ability to Procure Non-Catalog Items
  • Receipt Export to KFS
  • Ability to Process Capital Asset and Supply Trade-Ins

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