barn resident

Barn Residency Program

This program is an amazing opportunity for students to “live-In” at one of the 9 animal facilities on campus. In exchange for approximately 10 hours of work per week, you will receive free rent for one year, and potentially a second year (re-application is necessary).

The animal facilities which have either private or shared rooms available in exchange for animal care are:

Applications are released during Fall Quarter. If you are a current UC Davis student, and are interested in applying for any of the residency positions, please watch this space for further information.

Criteria For Selection

If you are interested in participating in the Barn Residency Program, please review the following criteria to determine the strength of your application:

  1. Must be a Currently Enrolled UC Davis Student
  2. Applicants Should be Enrolled in Animal-Oriented Majors*
  3. Applicants Must Have Appropriate Animal Experience
  4. Applicants Must be willing to Work Holidays, Weekends and Evenings
  5. Applicants Must Possess a Valid California Driver’s License
  6. Applicants Must be Able to Lift a Bale of Hay

*Priority will be given to currently enrolled students in the Animal Science, Animal Science and Management and Agricultural and Environmental Education Majors.