2021 Spring Awards Ceremony

The 2021 Spring Awards Ceremony was brought to you in an online version hosted by Professor Ed Depeters (Master Advisor for Animal Science). This annual event is an opportunity to celebrate the completion of another academic year and the successful completion of a program by seniors. Congratulations to all Animal Science students for their accomplishments this year! Best of luck to our seniors and we hope to see folks back on campus in the near future!


Meat Lab Closed 2/22 - 2/23

The Meat Lab will be closed 2/22 and 2/23.

We will be hosting the Annual California Association of Meat Processors Convention & Cured Meat Show.

We will be back for Sales February 29th and March 1st. Our meat lab students will be entering our products into a collegiate competition against universities from across California. We sincerely apologize for any inconvenience we have caused.

Can Science Find a Better Way to Trim a Cat’s Nails?

Original article on the College of Agriculture and Environmental Science website.

University of California, Davis, researchers are working with the Sacramento SPCA to alleviate a near-universal source of stress for cats and those who care for them: nail trimming.

Clipping a cat or kitten’s nails should be a routine practice, not only for the health of the cat and humans, but also to protect curtains, couches and other housewares.