Dr. Delany's Lab Members

Former Staff

Justin SmithJustin Smith, Staff Research Technician, II







Laura DanielsLaura Daniels, Staff Research Associate II






Terri GessaroTerri Gessaro, Lab Assistant II. 2003 – 2006.






Lisa GoldbergLisa Goldberg, Junior Specialist II







Andrew JiangAndrew Jiang, Junior Specialist







Charmaine RobinsonCharmaine Robinson, Staff Research Associate II





Susan SwanbergSusan Swanberg, Ph.D., Postdoctoral Scholar





Former Graduate Students

Ingrid YoungworthIngrid Youngworth, Ph.D., 2019, Integrative Genetics and Genomics. Dissertation: Genetic and Genomic Analyses of Developmental Mutations in Chicken: Wingless-2 and Cleft Primary Palate






Marla McPhersonMarla McPherson, Ph.D. Integrative Genetics and Genomics 2016. Dissertation: The Impact of Marek’s Disease Herpesvirus Interactions with the Host Genome on Disease Incidence, Pathogenesis and Oncogenesis.






Charmaine RobinsonCharmaine Robinson, Ph.D. Genetics 2013. Dissertation: Investigation of the Interactions between Marek’s Disease Virus and the Chicken Host Genome throughout Pathogenesis.




Beth RobbBeth Robb, Ph.D.Genetics 2012. Dissertation: Developmental Syndromes in the Chicken: Mapping and Candidate Gene Studies.






Tom O'HareTom O'Hare, Ph.D., Genetics, 2011. Dissertation: Analysis of telomere length regulation in the chicken.






Andrew WebbAndrew Webb, M.S., Genetics, 2010. Thesis: Causative Region Identification by 3K SNP Array and Candidate Gene Analysis of the Wingless-2 Mutation in Chickens






Hong ChangHong Chang, Ph.D. Genetics, 2007. Dissertation: Alternative Splicing Variation of Chicken Telomerase Reverse Transcriptase.






Cyndie GitterCyndie Gitter, M.S. Avian Sciences, 2006. Thesis: Genetic Mapping of Seven Developmental Mutations Found in the Domestic Chicken (Gallus gallus) by Analysis of Single Nucleotide Polymorphisms.





Tom O'HareTom O'Hare, M.S., Animal Science, 2005. Thesis: Analysis of telomerase gene expression during normal growth and development of the chicken using quantitative real-time PCR.






Susan SwanbergSusan Swanberg,   Ph.D., Genetics, 2005. Dissertation: Telomere length regulation in an avian model.






Kandi RodrigueKandi Rodrigue, M.S., Animal Biology, 2004. Thesis: Inheritance of Ultra-Long Chicken Telomere Arrays in a Highly Inbred Chicken Line and Mapping of an Array to the W-Chromosome





Manolis SpanakosManolis Spanakos, M.S., Animal Science, 2003. Thesis: Expression of MHC genes during chicken embryo development.






Robin KeisterRobin Keister, M.S., Avian Sciences, 2002. Research topic: Early embryonic MHC expression in the chicken.






Laura DanielsLaura Daniels, M.S., Genetics, 2001. Thesis: Molecular Analysis of the 5s rDNA Array in Chicken (Gallus gallus domesticus)






Heather TaylorHeather Taylor, M.S., Animal Science, 2000.  Thesis: Ontology of telomerase in chicken: Impact of down-regulation on pre-and postnatal telomere length in vivo.





Volkan GurelVolkan Gurel, M.S., Avian Sciences, 1998. Research topic: Nucleogenesis in primary and metastatic tumors induced by v-src.




Min SuMin Su, M.S., Genetics, 1997. Thesis: Ribosomal gene copy numbers in directionally-selected grandparent lines of commercial chickens.