George A. Bell


George A. BellGeorge Bell was born in Rome, New York, the son of a farmer. He graduated with a Bachelor of Science degree from Cornell University in 1904, then worked as an Instructor of Animal Husbandry at the same institution.

In 1905 he left Cornell and accepted a position with the Division of Animal Husbandry in the United States Department of Agriculture. There he gained national recognition as an expert on horses and was promoted to Senior Animal Husbandman in Horse Investigations. During his years of service in this capacity he was sent abroad several times to represent the United States government as a consulting specialist. King Albert of Belgium wanted to confer Knighthood on George Bell for his fine work but the offer was refused.

George was commissioned a Captain in the United States Remount Service in 1918. He retired in 1932 with the rank of Major. Following retirement he became associated with the Kelloggg Institute of Animal Husbandry in Pomona, California. Shortly thereafter he was brought to UC Davis as an Instructor in Animal Husbandry.

After reaching the age of compulsory retirement from the University of California, George was elected a municipal judge of the City of Davis, a position he filled with distinction until his death.