Memorial Book

The Animal Science Memorial Fund was established September 24, 1954 by the Regents of the University of California. The Fund was set up as an endowment with the income to be used for the advancement of the Department of Animal Science in teaching and research, and by the award of scholarships and grants-in-aid.

The Department has established a Memorial Book in order to properly recognize those who are memorialized. In addition, this rotating display of honorees was inaugurated in 1995.

Criteria for inclusion in the book and display are as follows:

  1. At least one donation must be received in the individual's name.
  2. This person should have made a significant contribution to the California animal industry or:
  3. This person should have been associated with the Department of Animal Science as faculty, staff or Cooperative Extension.
  4. Persons in whose memory a donation is received but who do not meet criteria 2 or 3 will be listed in the Memorial Book.

Spouses, or other family members of any of those included above, and for whom donations have been received who do not directly satisfy the above criteria, will be listed as having had a donation made in their memory.

 Memorial Photo

This picture, of Greg Skewis, Bill Weir, and Jim Meyer, was taken at the dedication of the William C. Weir Conference Room (2154 Meyer Hall) in 1995.

Greg Skewis painted the mural that adorns the south wall of the room. Professor Bill Weir was a former Professor of Animal Science, Dean of Students, and Chairman of Nutrition, in whose honor the room was named. Chancellor Emeritus Jim Meyer was the former Professor of Animal Science, Dean of the College of Agricultural and Environmental Sciences, and Chancellor of the UC Davis campus, for whom Meyer Hall was named. You are invited to examine the mural and the conference room.

  1. Abbott, Ursula K.
  2. Ahlem Sr., William
  3. Albaugh, Reuben
  4. Albaugh, William John
  5. Baber, William Hugh
  6. Baldwin, Ransom Leland
  7. Barnes, Glenn C.
  8. Batchelder, Daniel T.
  9. Bath, Donald L.
  10. Bath, George H.
  11. Baumgartner, John
  12. Bell, George A.
  13. Benton, Roy F.
  14. Biddick, Russell Richard
  15. Borland, Orval Christopher
  16. Bradford, G. Eric
  17. Burger, Ray E.
  18. Byrne, Paul L.
  19. Carroll, Floyd D.
  20. Cartlidge, Marion Carlos
  21. Cerf, Cedric F.
  22. Chevalier, Jacques
  23. Christensen, Charles Brunel
  24. Clark, Wesley G.
  25. Clarke, Frank C.
  26. Coble, Fred Antis
  27. Cole, Harold Harrison
  28. Cupps, Perry Thomas
  29. Decarli, John
  30. Eade, W. C.
  31. Engle, Clair
  32. Finlay, John Cameron
  33. Finlay, Robert M.
  34. Forbes, E. Floyd
  35. Garnett, Ian
  36. Garrett, William N.
  37. Garrison, Carl L.
  38. Geschwind, Irving I.
  39. Goodman, Raymond Edward
  40. Goodwin, Clay Donald
  41. Gordon, Gillette Edward
  42. Goss, Harold
  43. Grau, Charles Richard
  44. Gregory, Paul Wallace
  45. Guilbert, Harold R.
  46. Hamel, Richard Henry
  47. Hart, George H.
  48. Heitman, Hubert
  49. Heitman Jr., Hubert
  50. Hollister, John J.
  51. Howell, Carroll Evan
  52. Hughes, Elmer Howard
  53. Hutton Jr., Granville A.
  54. Irwin, LN
  55. Ittner, Nicholas Rood
  56. Jamison, J. Wesley
  57. Jewett, Clinton
  58. Jewett, Lindsay
  59. Johnson, Clyde W.
  60. Kincheloe, John Garner
  61. Kleiber, Max
  62. Knight, Ronald S.
  63. Kratzer, F.Howard
  64. Laben, Robert C.
  65. Lang, Oskar
  66. Lockhart, Robert R.
  67. Lyles, William F.
  68. Marsh, Floyd Myers
  69. McDonald, Alex
  70. McDougal, Harvey
  71. Mead, Silvester Warren
  72. Mee, George L.
  73. Meyer, James
  74. Miller, Robert Frederick
  75. Moberg, Gary Philip
  76. Ogasawara, Frank Xavier
  77. O'Neal, John
  78. Paine, Edward L.
  79. Paine, Tevis
  80. Pelissier, Clement L.
  81. Peterson, Daniel W.
  82. Philip, George
  83. Priddy, Godfrey Daniel
  84. Regan, William Michael
  85. Reynolds, Frederick Thomas
  86. Robinson, David W.
  87. Rollins, Wade C.
  88. Ronning, Magnar
  89. Rowe, John O.
  90. Rozzoni, Louis A.
  91. Russ III, Joseph
  92. Russell, Harvey Andrew
  93. Sawyer, Wesley N.
  94. Sexton, J. Kenneth
  95. Sheldon, Jere W.
  96. Shields, Peter J.
  97. Smith, Ira Fontaine
  98. Smith, Phillip George
  99. Spencer, Allen T.
  100. Spurlock, Glenn
  101. Steiff, William Frederick
  102. Stottlemyer, Arthur Wesley
  103. Stover, Charles
  104. Strong, Horace T.
  105. Timm, Olin
  106. Touchberry, Robert
  107. True, Gordon Haines
  108. Vaughn, Howard
  109. Vohra, Pran Nath
  110. Voris, John C.
  111. Wagnon, Kenneth A.
  112. Watson, John S.
  113. Watson, TL
  114. Weir, William C.
  115. White, Bremner B.
  116. Williams Jr., J. Howard
  117. Wilson, James French
  118. Wilson, Wilbor Owens
  119. Wing, Winchester Paddock
  120. Woodard, Allen E.
  121. Zaniboni, Alfred