Roy F. Benton

Roy F. Benton1989-1959

Roy Benton was born into the cattle business at the Corte Madera Ranch in San Diego County. He and his father, Robert H. Benton, conducted large scale cattle operations in California and Mexico. In 1910 they pioneered cattle feeding in the Imperial Valley.

From 1913 until 1920, Roy managed his father's ranch, Ojos Negros, in Baja California in old Mexico. The ranch was also known by its brand - the circle bar. Roy imported Shorthorn bulls from Scotland to improve the 10,000-head herd.

He managed a cattle feedlot for Pacific Cotton Oil in Chula Vista from 1921 until 1929, fed cattle in Los Angeles and other parts of Southern California from 1929 to 1932, and, in 1932, established feedlots in Walnut, east of Los Angeles, which he operated with his son, Al, until his death.

Roy helped found the very active California Cattle Feeders Association, serving as director and vice-president at the time of his death. He was appointed by Director of Agriculture Jacobsen as one of the first directors of the California Beef Council. His was a voice of authority on the board of the Cowboy Hall of Fame.