Jacques Chevalier

Jacques Chevalier1911-1991

Jacques Chevalier was born in Alameda, California. After graduation from San Rafael High School in 1929, he entered the United States Navy and served as Captain of a mine sweeper. Following World War II, he married, moved to Davis, and completed a two-year agricultural program at the University of California.

Upon graduation, Jacques and his wife moved to Williams, Colusa County, and began sheep ranching. One year later he was called back to active duty for the Korean War. He elected to remain in the Navy as a career officer, retiring in 1965.

The family moved back to Davis in 1965 where Jacques became the Assistant Director of the Internship and Career Placement Center on campus. He retired in 1973 and moved to Mexico where he taught English to students preparing to attend universities in the United States. The anticipation of grandchildren brought him back to California two years later.

From 1975 until 1990 Jacques lived in the Sierra foothills where he raised horses, owned a small sailboat, and became interested in the horseless carriage. He owned a 1915 Model-T Ford and was a member of a club that toured California.

Jacques returned to Davis in 1990 and remained until his death on October 24, 1991 at Travis Air Force Base. He was an active alumnus of Sword and Sandals from his student days until his final illness.