W. C. Eade

W. C. Eade1874-1960

Wes Eade was born in Illlinois on September 2, 1874. He came to California with his family in 1883, settling in the Loneoak area. He was connected with ranching and cattle operations all of his life.

At one time, Wes was employed by Henry Miller, "Cattle King of the West". During this time he learned many profitable production and marketing practices that he later used with great success. During his heyday it was said that Wes Eade bought and sold more cattle than any other Californian. His motto was, "buy them cheap and sell them high".

Wes was not a student from the standpoint of reading books and perusing government bulletins, but he knew more about the economic trends of the entire beef cattle industry than all the economists combined. He was gifted with the instinct to know a good buy when he saw it, and to sell his cattle at an advantage - even in a down market. His ranching operations stretched into two counties and he owned some of the best range land in the west.

In 1900 Wes married Bessie Bray and together they had three sons and three daughters.

"Anyone can be a cattleman when the alfilaria and bur clover are knee high, but when the rains fail to come, the grass and water are short and the prices low, that is when the men are separated from the boys", is one of his famous sayings. He typified the real old-time cowman whose word was as good as gold. He was courteous and well-mannered; his hospitality was genuine; his friendliness and entertaining ways impressive. In other words, Wes Eade was a cowman.