Robert Frederick Miller

Robert Frederick Miller1889-1949

Robert Miller was born in New Ulm, Texas, where he spent his boyhood. He graduated with a BS from Texas Agricultural College in 1909, and an MS from Iowa State College in 1912.

In 1914, after a short stay at Montana State College, he came to the University of California at Davis as a Specialist in Sheep Husbandry. During his long tenure he became a leading authority on the sheep industry of the west.

Bobby Miller was a teacher and friend of students, and indeed friend of all humanity. He inspired and counseled the wool growers of California. For a quarter century the agenda of sheepmen's meetings featured him as a speaker, if possible. He was recognized as an expert judge and was called to serve in this capacity at the largest livestock shows in the United States.

Always concerned with the practical aspects of husbandry, Professor Miller's research dealt largely with the production of market lambs. His investigations of the feeding value of many agricultural by-products peculiar to California were of great value to the industry. His five-year study of the crossbreeding of sheep for maximum lamb production furnished information that has been widely used by scientists and wool growers alike.

George Phillip, the University shepherd, and Bobby Miller are credited with initiating the Quarter Century Club of Davis at Treasure Island, during Sheep Week at the World's Fair in 1939.