Frederick Thomas Reynolds

Frederick Thomas Reynolds1895-1959

Frederick Reynolds was born in Independence, Inyo County, California. As a boy he was associated with his father in the cattle business in the Owens River Valley. For over thirty years he was connected with the Mairs Brothers cattle operation in the same area. After leaving the Mairs Brothers outfit, he established a cattle business of his own. In 1918 he married Hazel A. Lambdin.

Fred was considered an expert horseman - especially in finishing and reining cow horses in the California style. He served as a Brand Inspector for the State Department of Agriculture Brand Identification Service in Inyo County.

During his active, busy life, Fred took part in many community improvement programs as Chancellor Commander of the Knights of Pythias, as a member of the Inyo County Coordinating Council, and as an active member of the Big Pine Civic Club.

For over a decade he was a director of the California Cattlemen's Association, serving as first vice-president during 1958 and 1959. He helped organize and was one of the staunch members of the Inyo County Cattlemen's Association.

For many years Fred worked actively with the movie-making industry, shooting films in historical, colorful Inyo County, and he appeared in many motion pictures.