Louis A. Rozzoni

Louis A. Rozzoni1896-1964

Treviglio, Italy, was the birthplace of Louis Rozzoni. He came to America at the age of 17 and worked as a laborer in railroad camps to earn enough money to engage in the button business.

After serving in World War I, he returned to San Francisco and became involved in the vegetable business, at one time operating 5 stores.

In 1929, Louis purchased a cattle ranch near Clements, San Joaquin County, which he successfully operated until his death in 1964.

Louis was a strong supporter of the small farmer. He traveled extensively throughout the world, always in the interest of improved agriculture. In 1938 he was elected chairman of the Livestock Department of the California Farm Bureau Federation. During the next few years, he almost single-handedly organized the Valley Livestock and Cal Wool Marketing Associations, and also the Cal approved Seed Growers' Organization.

He served as president of the California Farm Bureau Federation for nine years He also served as president of California Farm Service Agency, Cal-Farm Investment and Insurance Companies, California Farm Bureau Scholarship Foundation, and others.

When Louis Rozzoni died, agriculture lost a strong and dedicated supporter of the cardinal principles that make America great. He stood for freedom, hard work, equality, honesty, and the free enterprise system of government.