Olin Timm

Olin Timm1913-1997

Olin Timm was born in Dixon, California to a family whose involvement in the livestock industry spanned over a century. By the age of 12 Olin was traveling and buying lambs with Howard Vaughn. He was active in Boy Scouts, attaining the rank of Eagle Scout.
Stanford University was Olin's Alma Mater. He took a BS in Economics in 1935, and then travelled to Cornell where he received an MS in Ag Econ in 1936. At both universities he was a member of the Phi Gamma Delta fraternity. While at Cornell, he met Arley 'June' Pister, whom he married in 1937.

Olin and Howard Vaughn became lamb feeding partners, but Olin's true passion was herd health. He had a long and close association with the UC Davis Veterinary School. He worked with Dr. Blaine McGowan on the development of bluetongue vaccines. It was his work with the Australians that led to the licensing and availablilty of the footrot vaccine. From the initial diagnosis of scrapie in 1947, Olin diligently sought solutions that would control and eradicate the disease. So passionate was his interest in scrapie, that June would allow him only 5 minutes per day for discussion of the issue. A time she monitored with an egg timer! In tribute to his dedication, Olin was the only non-veterinarian that ever served as president of the US Animal Health Association. He also served on the advisors board of the California Veterinary Diagnostic Laboratory System.

His committment to the California Wool Growers Association was equally strong. He served on the board of directors for 47 years, 43 of them as treasurer. He also personally financed the Association during rough financial times.

The community was not ignored by this highly respected man. He was on the board of directors of the Solano Irrigation District, Reclamation District 2068, and First Northern Bank; a member of the Dixon Chamber of Commerce, Dixon Rotary Club, Masonic Lodge; and president of the Dixon Historical Society.

Olin will be remembered by those who knew him for his innovative ideas, his honesty and his humor. He was a staunch supporter of the University and of the sheep industry. He was respected by everyone because of his intellect, his integrity, and his one-of-a-kind, unique character.