Bremner B. White

Bremner B. White1899-1958

Bremner White was born in Kansas in 1899. He graduated from Kansas State College in 1920 with the degree Doctor of Veterinary Medicine.

After some time in private practice, he came to California in 1924 as a Field Veterinarian with the California Department of Agriculture. In 1937 he was appointed Swine Disease Specialist, a position he filled with distinction. He was elevated to Veterinarian-in-charge of the Sacramento District Office of the Bureau of Livestock Disease Control, California Department of Agriculture in 1948, a position he held until his death.

Dr. White played a prominent part in the 1924 and 1929 outbreaks of foot-and-mouth disease. His work on vesicular exanthema was outstanding. He was best known to California stockmen as a swine disease specialist, and he was a national authority in this field. He was especially sympathetic with disease problems of swine growers and was always willing to give them his counsel.

For a number of years he represented the California Department of Agriculture at the California State Fair in disease control. During the fairs he could be seen visiting with small groups of livestock exhibitors and helping them with their problems.