1420 Meyer Hall Classroom/Lab


AV System

The classroom is fitted with an Extron Pole Vault system


Laptop Connections

The lectern, in the front of the room, is fitted with a cable cubby (black box on top towards the back right), where all the cables for a laptop connection are stored. It contains one power outlet, VGA cable, and audio cable.

Built-in Desktop Computer

The lectern is fitted with a built-in computer.

DVD/VCR Player

The podium is fitted with a DVD/VCR player. It is installed on the bottom shelf, behind the front door. The player is a Magnavox DV225MG9 DVD/VCR Combo Player. The remote control is anchored to the player and can be used to operate the player. Please shut off the player after use.

Document Camera

A document camera is a digital overhead projector with a video camera. It projects whatever you have placed on the white space under the camera in real time (it will project both transparencies and plain pieces of paper). It is mounted on a cart next to the podium. The document camera is a WolfVision VZ-8Light4 Desktop Visualizer.

The document camera is hard wired to the built-in computer with a USB cable. Run the Connectivity software to access the document camera from the computer. In this mode, your documents will appears in the Connectivity window on your desktop and can be recorded using the Adobe Connect software.

Webcam System

This room is equipped with three Logitech C920 webcams. The webcams support 1080p signals in native resolution format, which means they are a true 1920 pixels in width and 1080 pixels in height. The webcam can be use to record or display a laboratory operation. The system is fully described in the following document:

Recording Laboratory Operations

To record video from any of these webcams follow the steps in the following document:

Displaying Laboratory Operations

The webcam system can be used to display laboratory operations on the large projector screens. To display the webcam on the computer, we us a free program called Yawcam (Yet Another Webcam) from http://www.yawcam.com. to display laboratory operations follow the steps in the following document:


The classroom is fitted with three ceiling mounted front projector: Mitsubishi WD720U DLP 3D WXGA Projector.


The classroom is fitted with three screens: Da-Lite 34463 Cosmopolitan Electrol High Power Surface:113 Inch Diagonal 60" x 96" (H x W), 16:10 Format. Case width 9':00", Screen width 8':00"

Network Access

If your laptop is configured for DHCP, then you should be able to connect to the campus network. Note that you can access the campus network and not the Animal Science domain. There is no active telephone line in the classroom.

Service Information

LCD Projector Maintenance:

Once a year have the projector fan cleaned out. Lamp life is 3,000 hours.

Description: Mitsubishi VLT-XD700LP Replacement Lamp
Lamp ID: VLT-XD700LP

Maintenance Schedule

  • March 15, 2014: The new Mitsubishi projectors were installed.