Peter Robinson's Videos and Excel spreadsheets


These videos are best viewed either after reading the written protocol or with the written protocol in hand. To play these video you must install the Silver Light plug-in for your web browser.

Urine Allantoin Protocol

This video shows the laboratory analysis procedure for allantoin in urine, which is a metabolite that can be used to estimate rumen microbial outflow.

In Vitro Gas Production Protocol

This video shows the laboratory analysis procedure for "In Vitro Gas Production". This method allows estimation of the digestibility and metabolizable energy (ME) content of ruminant feedstuffs. The amount of gas released during incubation of feedstuffs is closely related to digestibility and therefore the ruminant ME value.

Silage DNA Extraction Protocol

This video shows the laboratory analysis procedure for "Silage DNA Extraction".

Excel Spreadsheets

These free spreadsheets are in Microsoft Excel format.  To view and print them you must have Microsoft Excel (version 4.0 or higher) installed on your computer.

How to download

Do not double click on the highlighted files, otherwise a dialog box appears asking you about a valid user name and password. Right click on the highlighted file name. A menu appears. Choose the "Save target as" option. A dialog box appears. Save the Excel file onto your C drive.

Dec 2013

Predicting Milk Losses Due To Lameness

Dec 2011

Predicting Dry Matter Intake of Lactating Dairy Cows

Dec 2009

NRCS Practice 592 Feed Management Documentation Form

Jun 2003

Predicting Dry Matter Intake in Lactating Dairy Cows

Nov 2002

Predicting The Energy Value Of Feedstuffs From Analyses

Aug 2000

Predicting Protein Requirements of Lactating Dairy Cows

Mar 2000

Calculating the Energy Requirements of Dairy Cows

Dec 1999

Predicting the DIP and UIP of Feedstuffs from Feed Analyses