Horse Barn Production Internship Info Meeting - Wed. October 20th

12-1 PM Zoom Meeting

Looking for more information on the production internships offered at the UC Davis Horse Barn? Join us virtually to learn more about these internships and the application process, meet the faculty advisor and facility manager, and talk with some past interns. These internships are your chance to gain valuable hands-on experience in equine management, reproduction, nutrition, veterinary care, and more!

Congratulations! 2020 Spring Awards Ceremony

This year's Spring Awards Ceremony is brought to you in an online version hosted by Professor Ed Depeters (Master Advisor for Animal Science). This annual event is an opportunity to celebrate the completion of another academic year and the successful completion of a program by seniors. Congratulations to all Animal Science students for their accomplishments this year! Best of luck to our seniors and we hope to see folks back on campus in the near future!

A Ribbon-Butting for the Goat Dairy and Creamery

By Dateline Staff on February 4, 2020 in Human & Animal Health

UC Davis loves its goats. For more than 100 years, goats have played a starring role in the teaching, research and outreach at the UC Davis College of Agricultural and Environmental Sciences. That connection grew stronger than ever Jan. 25 with the formal opening of the UC Davis Noel-Nordfelt Animal Science Goat Dairy and Creamery. 

Ration Formulation Software Helps Farmers be More Productive, Reduce their Emission Intensity and Train Nutritionists

Dairy production is developing in Vietnam. The total population of dairy cows is dramatically growing from about 100,000 heads in 2008 to almost 300,000 heads in 2016. In parallel, milk production increased from about 250,000 tones in 2008 to about 800,000 tones in 2016. However, the current milk production in Vietnam only contributes 34% of the total domestic demand and the remainder of the demand is fed with imported dairy products from USA, Europe, New Zealand, and other countries Thus, dairy production in Vietnam has a potential to develop further to meet the demand.

Anita Oberbauer Wins Teaching Prize

By Dateline Staff

Pardon the interruption, students, but we wanted you to know the animal science professor standing in front of you, Anita Oberbauer, whom you fondly call “Dr. O,” is the recipient of the 2018-19 UC Davis Prize for Undergraduate Teaching and Scholarly Achievement.

Bull Market - Collaboration with beef industry tests advanced breeding technologies

By Robin DeRieux

COWS ARE SPECIAL. As ruminants, they eat grass and other plants that are inedible to people, transforming forage into steak and hamburgers and other tasty high-protein beef products.

Over the past few decades, the beef industry has made significant improvements in productivity—generating more food from fewer numbers of cattle. Better breeding and other innovations in animal science research have played a starring role in these advances.

McLean and Murray aim to preserve genetics of Santa Cruz Island horses

by Joe Proudman, UC Davis

IT'S HOT AT EL CAMPEON FARMS, even for early August. A hard wind accompanies the heat, blowing through the Conejo Valley, where this horse ranch sits in Southern California. Abby Followwill is saddled on a horse named Vince. His golden-brown coat and blond mane stand out against the saturated blue sky and dusty corral where Followwill is training with him.

Anne Todgham on how how Antarctic fish cope with climate stress

Some Antarctic fish living in the planet’s coldest waters are able to cope with the stress of rising carbon dioxide levels in the ocean. They can even tolerate slightly warmer waters. But they can’t deal with both stressors at the same time, according to a study from the University of California, Davis.