ANSCI student at CA state fair (photo by Karin Higgins, UCD)

Animal Science Major


The Animal Science major offers a variety of opportunities to students who enjoy animals and wish to study their biology and care. A practical, as well as scientific understanding of domestic animals is obtained by completing a specialization in animal behavior, biochemistry, genetics, nutrition, physiology, aquatic animals, avian sciences, companion & captive animals, laboratory animals, equine science, livestock & dairy, or poultry.

The Bachelor of Science program in Animal Science attracts students with a broad array of interests in animals including nutritional needs, physiological functions, genetic control of function, molecular biology and biotechnology. Knowledge is gained both in lecture classes and hands-on laboratories. The courses expose students to an integrated study of animal behavior, reproductions, growth, lactation, molecular biology, animal breeding, livestock judging, and many other aspects of animal biology. A wide array of formal and informal internship opportunities are available at the department's extensive animal facilities.


Our aim is to establish a set of goals for graduates in the Animal Science major, a set of goals we hope all students can meet with proficiency and in a timely manner. The outcome goals for Animal Science graduates are:

  1. Understanding of the scientific principles and physiological mechanisms associated with the disciplines in Animal Science
  2. Ability to describe the application of these principles to the care and sustainable management of domestic and captive animals
  3. Demonstrate the basic skills necessary to perform practical tasks associated with animal care
  4. Illustrate the basic skills necessary to interpret information gathered in a research setting
  5. Demonstrate the ability to communicate through writing, speech and graphical displays


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