environmental and plant sciences students

Agricultural and Environmental Education Major


Whether teaching people about their part in creating sustainable agricultural and environmental systems, or helping employees learn a new skill, students graduating in Agricultural and Environmental Education (AEE) are prepared for these challenges. The AEE curriculum allows students to explore a diversity of agricultural and environmental topics. The major is designed to help students understand basic and advanced concepts in both the natural and social sciences. The program's focus on real-world activities and hands-on training makes it excellent preparation for students interested in entering professional careers that merge the social and natural sciences in agricultural and environmental contexts.


Majors in agricultural and environmental education are prepared for a broad range of careers in the agricultural and environmental sciences where social, interpersonal, communication and teaching skills are needed. By all accounts, there is a tremendous shortage of teachers in California, particularly in the sciences. This major will prepare students to enter a teacher credential program in either science or agricultural and environmental education. Graduates have found employment in public schools, non-profit organizations, financial institutions, state, federal, and international agencies, nature preserves, community organizations and in sustainable development.

Major Requirements

You will begin your course of study with a series of fundamental courses in science, mathematics, biology and environmental science. This broad-based major includes a sampling of courses in animal science, plant and soil science, environmental horticulture, agricultural and environmental engineering, economics and the environmental sciences. At the upper-division level, you will select an area of specialization, or focus depth, from the breadth of subjects listed above. In addition, courses in educational psychology, vocational education and contemporary leadership are required to  prepare you for working with people of all ages.

Student Learning Outcomes

The Program Learning Outcomes for our students in the Agricultural and Environmental Education major are:

  1. To understand the natural and social science principles associated with the various disciplines  that undergird agricultural and environmental systems.
  2. To describe the application of agricultural and environmental system principles and their application in educational, organizational, and community-based settings.
  3. To illustrate the basic skills necessary to interpret, gather and process information in the agricultural and environmental sciences.
  4. To effectively communicate (orally and in writing) about agricultural and environmental concepts and issues.
  5. To contribute to solving problems as team member, collaborators and community organizers.


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