Animal Science and Management Major


The Animal Science and Management major focuses on preparing students for a management career in agribusiness and related industries. The major provides an extensive base of courses in agribusiness, including marketing, economics, and accounting. At the same time, the student receives foundation courses in the animal sciences.

The Bachelor of Science program in Animal Science and Management attracts students who want a fundamental background in the natural sciences and business management.


Our aim is to establish a set of goals for graduates in the Animal Science and Management major, a set of goals we hope all students can meet with proficiency and in a timely manner.

The goals for our students are:

  1. Understanding of the scientific principles and physiological mechanisms associated with the disciplines in animal science as well as an understanding of the principles of managerial economics.
  2. Ability to describe the application of these principles to the care and sustainable management of domestic and captive animals and the application of these principles to small businesses
  3.  Illustrate the basic skills necessary to interpret, gather, and process information in an agricultural business setting
  4. Demonstrate the ability to communicate through writing and speech


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