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Horse Barn – Facilities

The Horse Barn

The Department of Animal Science Horse Barn has been a mainstay of the University of California, Davis since its foundation in the early 1910s. The Horse Barn began as a carriage house for draft horses and mules used in agricultural work for the university.  It later became a remount station for the US Army standing several stallions including the thoroughbred stallion Gunrock, son of Rock Sand and relative to the famed Man O'War, who started as the mascot for the men's basketball team in 1924 and later served as the official mascot for the university.  The barn also served as a successful Thoroughbred breeding operation from the 1930s through the 1960s.

Today the Barn stands as one of the oldest original structure on the core campus.  Perfectly located in the Cole Facility and directly across from Meyer Hall.  Students are only a step away from the history of the Barn and the future of the equine industry.  The Barn has undergone many changes since its construction, but the structure is almost completely original.

Horse Barn


Breeding Shed

The Breeding Shed was built in 1940  while the Barn was breeding thoroughbreds.  Later in the 1980's tease walls and the phantom were installed.  The Shed is used for breeding and teaching needs.

Breeding shed

Reproduction Lab

The Horse Barn is a fully equipped commercial breeding facility.  We have some of the most advanced reproductive equipment enabling us to offer top notch reproductive services as well as advanced teaching for our students.

Student lab

The lab is equipped with Incubators, Ultrasound machine, CASA Machine, Cell Freezer and Liquid Nitrogen Tanks.

  • Stallion Collection, shipping, freezing of semen and storage
  • Artificial Insemination with fresh and shipped cooled semen
  • Mare Care and Foaling services with Foalert system and 24hr care
  • On hand Colostrum Bank
  • Located only minutes from Veterinary Medical Teaching Hospital
  • Located only 20 minutes from Sacramento International Airport\


Foaling Stalls

We offer 12' x 22' foaling stalls that have the floors rubber mat lined and sealed as well as the walls plastic lined so that the stall can be cleaned between foaling.  As well as offering Foalert system so that no foal is missed and 24hr care, we can assure a happy and healthy foal.  With the Veterinary Medical Teaching Hospital only minutes away we can offer state of the art foaling services and peace of mind that Veterinarian assistance is only a stones throw away.

Floating Stalls

Mare Motel

We offer a 10 stall Mare Motel for our Breeding and Foaling clients.  The stalls are cleaned daily and have individual runs.  With timed lights as well early breeders are of no concern with changing weather.  Each stall is securely shut during evening feeding so that your mare receives the appropriate light schedule.  The Budweiser Clydesdales stayed in our Mare Motel during the Opening and Dedication of UC Davis's Robert Mondavi Institute for Wine and Food.

Mare Motel

Exercise Areas

As part of our Production Internship the students learn about exercise programs for both the yearlings, mares and stallions.  We are equipped with a 20' Priefert Hotwalker and a 45' diameter roundpen.

Exercise Area


Our arena is located directly across from Meyer Hall and can be seen from La Rue Road.  Our arena is mainly used by Barn personnel for exercise of Stallions, Mares, Yearlings and weanlings.  A great sized arena that was built in the 1960's, the arena is perfect for Western events and driving.  The arena is home to the Draft Horse and Driving Club as well as the location for many outreach events, including FFA Field Day, Picnic Day, the Horse Barn Annual Production Sale, Horse Day, Animal Science Fall BBQ, and more!



We also have 5 acres of irrigated pasture split into three sections located above the Arboretum and just west of Old Davis Road.  It is perfect for our horses once teaching is done to go to pasture and be horses.  Most of our herd is maintained in pasture year round.