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We are proud to offer commercial breeding services to the public. We are a professionally equipped facility that can take care of all your Reproductive needs. We are proud to offer shipping of cooled semen, client stallion collection for shipping and freezing, frozen semen storage, and Foaling Services. Let us take care of your Stallion or Mare Services.

Shipped Semen Services

Shipped semen is available for all of our stallions. We are happy to take care of your shipped semen needs. We can ship to anywhere in the US within 24 hours. When it comes to shipped and cooled semen trust the professionals with a fully equipped reproduction lab and the expertise to go with it. Collection Dates for shipped semen are Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. We must receive semen shipment orders by 10 am on collection days. Interested in Shipped Semen please fill out the Stallion Breeding Contract and Shipped Semen Mare Information Sheet.

Foaling Services

We offer 12' x 22' foaling stalls that have the floors rubber mat lined and sealed as well as the walls plastic lined so that the stall can be cleaned between foaling. As well as offering Foalert system so that no foal is missed and 24hr care, we can assure a happy and healthy foal. With the Veterinary Medical Teaching Hospital only minutes away we can offer state of the art foaling services and peace of mind that Veterinarian assistance is only a stones throw away. We also test your foal's antibody levels with a state of the art densimiter that gives a numerical reading and not just a range. Interested in Foaling Services please fill out the Foaling Services Contract.

Stallion Services

We are now happy to offer stallion services. From phantom training to semen freezing we have the equipment, facilities and expertise that it takes to not just get the job done, but get the job done right. We can collect breed, ship and freeze stallions in our lab. Want to show that stallion, but have semen on reserve then you have come to the right place. Please check out our Stallion Services.

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