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We are proud to offer commercial breeding services to the public. We are a professionally equipped facility that can take care of all your Reproductive needs. We are proud to offer shipping of cooled semen, client stallion collection for shipping and freezing, frozen semen storage, and Foaling Services. Let us take care of your Stallion or Mare Services.

Mare Breeding Services

Breeders interested in breeding to one of the Horse Barn stallions have the option of breeding either on-farm or with cooled/shipped semen. For on-farm mares, we coordinate closely with the Equine Reproduction Service at the UC Davis Vet Hospital to provide seamless services to clients. Mares stay in our Mare Motel which includes 12 x 12 stalls with outdoor runs, timed lights, automatic waterers, and daily care. For clients interested in shipped semen services, collection days are Monday, Wednesday, and Fridays with overnight shipment to the breeding facility of your choosing.

Foaling Services

The UC Davis Horse Barn offers foaling services for those clients who don’t want to worry about the sleepless nights of foal watch. Our foaling stalls are 12’x22’ and feature plastic-lined walls and sealed rubber mat floors to allow for adequate disinfection between foalings. We utilize a Foalert system and have student interns on-site at all times to ensure each foaling is attended. With the UC Davis Veterinary Hospital just minutes away, we ensure rapid care should any problems arise.

Stallion Services

We are also happy to offer a wide range of stallion services from phantom training, test-cooling, cleanout and cooled shipping services. We also offer lots of options for stallion owners who wish to freeze semen on their stallions, including test freezes, freezing, and frozen semen storage and shipping to clients. Availability for client breeding services is dependent on season, staffing, and demand- contact us today for more information.

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