Horse Barn – Annual Production Sale


2019 Annual Production Sale

The Proof Is In The Progeny - A Sale with History and Tradition
Annual Production Sale

Date: To be determined
Location: UC Davis Horse Barn, 530 S. La Rue Rd Davis, CA 95616
Preview: 3:30 pm
Barbecue: 4:30 pm
Dinner: $9 Top Sirloin Steak including salad, beans and roll
Sale: 6:00 pm

All of our horses are up-to-date on vaccinations, deworming, and hoof care. Foal Managers will be available to answer any questions regarding the foals for sale. Stud Managers will also be available to answer any questions regarding our stallions. Additional questions may be directed to the Facility Manager, Kelli Davis; or the Facilities Supervisor, Dan Sehnert.
Thank you for your participation in our program; all proceeds benefit the Horse Barn Teaching Program.

2018 SOLD Sale Horses

sold sign Sale Order 1: SOLD $500

2017 Bay TB Filly

Lakerville x Shemariah


sold signSale Order 2: $2,200

2017 Bay QH Gelding

Reygans Smart Lena x April Fool Chex



sold sign Sale Order 3: $2,400

2017 Dun QH Gelding

Dun Walla Walla x Isabella Gangster



sold sign Sale Order 4: $1,200

2017 Chestnut QH Filly

Dun Walla Walla x Lil Matt Olena



sold sign Sale Order 5: Sold $1,000

2017 Palomino Breeding Stock Paint Filly

Reygans Smart Lena x All That Yellow



sold sign Sale Order 6: $1,100

2017 Bay Azteca Gelding

Faralay II x Miss Starlano



sold sign Sale Order 7


Grade Bay Gelding

Scratched- No Longer For Sale



sold sign Sale Order 8: SOLD $900

2017 Bay Azteca Gelding

Comanche II x Chex Whiz


sold sign Sale Order 9: SOLD $3,300

2017 Buckskin QH Gelding

Dun Walla Walla x Sailing Badger


sold sign Sale Order 10: $2,400

2017 Bay Roan QH Gelding

Dun Walla Walla x Custom Starlight


sold sign Sale Order 11: $3,600

2017 Sorrel QH Gelding

Dainty Olena x Bills Hickory Lynx



sold sign Sale Order 12: $2,900

2017 Red QH Molly Mule

Action Jackson x Plumbjewelofarose