Horse Barn – Annual Production Sale

UC Davis Horse Barn
27th Annual Production Sale
Saturday, June 19th at 5PM
Live Stream Online-Only Auction

Join us for our 27th Annual Production Sale on June 19th, 2021! The UC Davis Horse Barn is thrilled to be able to offer yearlings, two-year-olds, a weanling, and saddle animal for your consideration this year. There is sure to be something for every equine enthusiast at this event. Please see below for more information on each horse and mule to be offered at auction this year. Please send any inquiries to Kelli Davis at or (530)754-4156 and follow us on Facebook (@UCDHorseBarn) and on Instagram (@UCDavisHorseBarn) to receive sale information as soon as it becomes available!

This year’s auction will be hosted by ShoWorks Auction services and will be an online-only event. Due to campus restrictions, we are unable to host any in-person attendees at this year’s Production Sale. The most up-to-date and detailed information on all sale animals can be found on this website. The auction sale page will be available for preview and pre-bidding from Monday, June 14th and the event will close with a live-stream of our sale ring beginning at 5PM on Saturday, June 19th. Pre- and proxy bidding options will be available through the auction site. A link will be posted here when the auction site becomes available. We are excited to feature this live-stream event since it will have the same feel and look that our past attendees have come to be familiar with. You’ll see each horse and mule show off in the sale arena, you’ll hear the auctioneer call the bids, and it will almost feel as if you’re right there with us! Anyone can view the auction site and live-stream event once it goes live. If you are intending to bid on any of the sale horses and mules, you must pre-register prior to 12PM on June 19th. See below for registration link. Any bidders attempting to register after 12PM will not be guaranteed bidding access. Once bidders submit the registration form, they will receive an email with information on how to log in and access the bidding features on our auction page.

Our auction site is LIVE! Click HERE to view the auction!


  • The auction will open for browsing and pre-bids from June 14th through June 19th
  • Lots will close via live-stream of our sale ring beginning June 19th at 5PM
  • Bidding Instructions:
    • Register through
      • Bidders must register before 12PM on June 19th
    • An email will be sent to confirm your registration
    • Once you receive the confirmation email, visit the auction site.
    • Select Log In at the top right corner of the screen. 
    • Search for your name in the drop-down list. 
    • Select Request Code to receive a 4-digit security code via text. 
    • Enter that code in the box below your name. 
      • This password/code is your bidding password for the auction and will be used throughout the auction.
    • You will receive a text message if an item you bid on has been outbid.
  • Additional Information:
    • You can easily place max bid amounts to ensure that you do not miss out on an animal of interest.
    • When you log in, ensure that you click the auto-refresh button on the top left so that as new bids come in, your screen will refresh.
    • After viewing an entry lot, hit the back button on the auction site, not the back button on your browser.
    • No payments can be made through the auction site. Winning bidders will receive an invoice via email through which they can access an online payment site.
    • Sale animals pick up will be by appointment only within 72 hours of sale close and upon receipt of payment in full.
    • Limited previewing appointments are available for serious buyers. We encourage you to please check out the sale videos, all available pictures and info, and email us with any questions about the sale animals prior to requesting a preview.

Click here to view the full sale catalog

Click here to check out all of the sale videos!

Sale Order 1: Estrella Lejana-

2019 Bay IAHLA Azteca Filly
Current Height: 15.2 Hands
Sire: Faralay II
Dam: Miss Starlano by Starlano
Conformation Photos:
Front, Hind, Side
Sale Video
“Estrella Lejana is a well-muscled, big-boned, elegant 2019 filly by Andalusian stallion, Faralay II, and out of Quarter Horse mare, Miss Starlano. Her sire Faralay II is a FEI dressage stallion imported from Spain who is known to pass on his powerful, straight, uphill movement to his foals. Her dam Miss Starlano is by Starlano who has cutting earnings in excess of $34,000. Estrella is a beautiful mix of determination and attentiveness, she is willing to work and needs very little pressure to excel at anything new. Estrella is an ‘in-your-pocket’ type, but understands the importance of personal space. She has the brains and pedigree to truly grow into a ‘do anything’ mare. With Estrella’s long stride and engaging footwork, she is ready to excel at both English or Western dressage.” –Description by student trainer Gracie Horne, a fourth year Animal Science Major

Sale Order 1 - Estrella Lejana

Sale Order 2: A Star On The Reydar-

2020 Sorrel AQHA Filly
Current Height: 13.1 Hands
Sire: Reygans Smart Lena
Dam: Miss Starlano by Starlano
Conformation Photos: Front, Hind, Side
Sale Video
“A Star On The Reydar is a refined, athletic 2020 filly by stallion, Reygans Smart Lena and out of Miss Starlano. Reygans Smart Lena is a successful NRCHA money earner with LTE of over $72,000 and son of 31 million dollar sire, Dual Rey. Miss Starlano is by Starlano who has cutting earnings in excess of $34,000. This filly is a delightful mix of speed and endurance, she is willing to learn, has an amazing memory, and loves having a job to do. She is very friendly with both people and other equids, and would thrive in any group setting. She is driven to please and is very quick on her feet. With Star’s agility and brain, she is ready to excel in any Western disciple such as cutting or reining, and would make a very reliable ranch horse as well.” –Description by student trainer Gracie Horne, a fourth year Animal Science Major

Sale Order2 - A Star On The Reydar

Sale Order 3: Name Pending-

2020 Bay IALHA Registrable Azteca Filly
Current Height: 14.2 Hands
Sire: Solano De Trujillo
Dam: Plumbjewelofarose by Okies Leo Rose

Conformation Photos: Front, Hind, Side
Sale Video
“”Plumb” is an elegant, refined, and affectionate 2020 Azteca filly by Andalusian Stallion, Solano De Trujillo and out of Quarter Horse mare, Plumbjewelofarose. She is the perfect combination of the well-rounded quarter horse with a majestic and spirited Andalusian to create an outstanding horse full of grace and athleticism. Her elegant stride and eager-to-please attitude will make her successful in any direction you want to go!” –Description by student trainer, Hannah Echt, Third Year Animal Science Major

Sale Order 3 - Pending Name

Sale Order 4: Gator-

Bay Grade Gelding
Current Height: 14.2 Hands
Approx 18 years old
Conformation Photos: Front, Hind, Side
Sale Video
“Gator is an approximately 18 year old grade gelding. He is a sweet older guy who is very patient, gentle, and quiet. He stands great for tacking up, grooming, bridling, and for mounting up, whether using the mounting block or getting on from the ground. He has a solid “woah” at all three gaits, neck reins, has good transitions, and is comfortable riding in or out of the arena. He is currently being ridden about 3 times a week for 30-60 minutes. He can be stiff to warm up given his age (comfortable on straight lines, slightly off trotting in a circle), but this stiffness improves as he warms up and as he is ridden more. Given Gator’s sweet disposition and experience under saddle, he would be perfectly suitable to be someone’s light riding horse.” – Description by student rider, Bailey Abi-Nader, Third Year Animal Science Major *Full Disclosure: Gator has an old scar, likely from a saddle sore, on his back that is fully closed and healed but is missing hair. It has not caused an issue while riding, and is not sensitive.

Sale Order 4 - Gator

Sale Order 5: Shes Dun All That

2020 Dun APHA Filly
Current Height: 13.0 Hands
Sire: Dun Walla Walla
Dam: All That Yellow by Yellow Roan of Texas
Conformation Photos: Front, Hind, Side
Sale Video
“Shes Dun All That is a dun breeding stock APHA filly who is sired by Dun Walla Walla, the 2014 WRCHA Star Spangled Slide Reserve Champion by $3,000,000 sire Walla Walla Whiz.  Her dam, All That Yellow, is sired by Yellow Roan of Texas with LTE of $73,000 and offspring earnings exceeding $700,000 in cutting and reining. Shes Dun All That is an easygoing filly with a laidback personality. She is content to get out and work hard, but doesn’t come out fresh after some time off. With a confident and curious personality, this filly has great potential to be successful. Her compact stature and agility will make her a perfect candidate for future work with cattle. She also has a strong inclination to stop low on her hocks and pivots well on her hind making her an encouraging reining prospect. With her laid back nature and confidence in new situations, she would also be a safe and reliable trail horse for someone as well!” –Description by student trainer, Katie Farley, Third Year Cognitive Science (Neuroscience) Major

Sale Order 5 - Shes Dun All That

Sale Order 6: Name Pending-

2021 Selle Francais Registrable Chestnut Colt
Sire: Bas Blanc
Dam: Shemariah by Redattore
Conformation Photos: Front, Side
Sale Video
This flashy 2021 sorrel warmblood-cross colt is by Selle Francais stallion, Bas Blanc, and out of Thoroughbred mare, Shemariah. His sire, Bas Blanc, was a successful in the jumping circuit in both France and Germany, qualifying for Fontainebleau as a 4, 5, and 6-year-old before being imported to the US. His progeny are stamped with his quality build, correct conformation, and graceful movement. This colt’s dam, Shemariah, passes on her quiet and sweet temperament. This colt is already eye-catching with his long and flowing stride and he is sure to make an impressive mark in jumping or dressage events. He has also impressed with his friendly and easy-going attitude and has been a breeze to lead, pick up feet, and bathe. Please note that because of his age, this colt will be sold on June 19th but will not be ready for pick up until after weaning in late July. *Full Disclosure: Shemariah ’21 colt has a healing horizontal crack in his right front hoof and mild swelling in his left hock from an injury in pasture. Both sites have been fully evaluated and treated by our UC Davis veterinarians, but will take some time to fully heal. They have not caused any lameness at any time and are not expected to cause any issues or visible scaring in the future.

Sale Order 6 - Pending Name

Sale Order 7: Reysin A Gangster-

2019 Sorrel AQHA Gelding
Current Height: 14.2 Hands

Sire: Reygans Smart Lena
Dam: Isabella Gangster by Gangster Chic
Conformation Photos: Front, Hind, Side
Sale Video
“Reysin A Gangster is an athletic, agile, and cutting bred 2019 gelding by Reygans Smart Lena and Isabella Gangster who is always willing to please! His playful, curious, and eager attitude paired with his compact and well-muscled build will make him a powerhouse when it comes to working cattle. He already expresses a willingness to change direction on a dime! His sire, Reygans Smart Lena is by the legendary Dual Rey, a 31 million dollar sire and is the #2 All-Time leading cutting horse sire. With both parents being money earnings in the cutting arena, this stout and muscular guy is sure to get you money in cutting events or be your go-to gelding for getting work done around the ranch!” –Description by student trainer, Hannah Echt, Third Year Animal Science Major

Sale Order 7 - Reysin A Gangster

Sale Order 8: Tuff As A Fox-

2019 Brown TB Molly Mule
Current Height: 15.2 Hands
Sire: Clydes Gallant Fox

Dam: Tiztuff by Cees Tizzy
Conformation Photos: Front, Hind, Side
Sale Video
“Tuff As A Fox, is a brown Thoroughbred Molly Mule out of Tiztuff and sired by Clydes Gallant Fox. Sire Clydes Gallant Fox is a six time NASMDA leading jack and three time Bishop Mule Days high point winner, an event at which he holds superior titles in three events.  His progeny have proved their aptness in a wide variety of disciplines. Thoroughbred dam Tiztuff earned $8,480 in her racing career, and is sired by the legendary Cees Tizzy with a LTE of $173,000 in just three wins, and PE of over $37 million. A strong, sure build with a feminine flare makes Tuff as a Fox a visually appealing yet sturdy and steadfast mule. Tuff As a Fox is a very motivated mule, always willing to give more when she is asked, and she truly aims to please. Her attentive and easygoing temperament make her easy to teach, there is nothing this mule can’t conquer with confidence. Her size and stature predispose her to be a versatile, powerful mule that can excel packing in the back country, in the show ring and anything in  between.” –Description by student trainer, Katie Farley, Third Year Cognitive Science (Neuroscience) Major *Full Disclosure: In June 2020, Tuff As A Fox developed capped hocks, the right slightly worse than the left. She was fully evaluated by UC Davis veterinarians at that time. The capped hocks have not caused any lameness at any time, and have been diagnosed as a ‘blemish’ which is a visual abnormality not anticipated to limit the animal’s function and not associated with pain or lameness.

Sale Order 8 - Tuff As A Fox

Sale Order 9: Al Be Huntin-

2020 Bay AQHA Stud Colt
Current Height: 15.2 Hands

Sire: Hubba Hubba Huntin
Dam: Al By Myself by Allocate Your Asset
Conformation Photos: Front, Hind, Side
Sale Video
“Al Be Huntin’ is a powerfully-built AQHA stud colt with a striking pedigree out of world champions Hubba Hubba Huntin’ and Al By Myself (by Allocate Your Assets). Hubba Hubba Huntin’ has sired numerous futurity and NSBA World Championship winners, while he himself is a former NSBA Reserve World Champion, former congress champion for both Jr. Western Riding and Halter Classes, and was named the #3 AQHA Hunter Under Saddle Stallion in 2019 for total earnings. Not to be outshined, Al By Myself (Allocate Your Assets) is also an NSBA World Champion and two-time congress champion in Hunter Under Saddle. Poised for greatness, Al Be Huntin’ has already been enrolled in the NSBA Stallion Incentive Fund and the Breeder’s Championship Futurity. Always enthusiastic to greet people, Al Be Huntin’s spirited, curious demeanor makes him an eager learner. He has a naturally slow, flowing jog and collected lope but can step up when asked and cover ground with a gorgeous extended trot. With his handsome conformation and versatile gaits, Al Be Huntin is sure to turn heads in hunt seat, western pleasure, trail, and all-around classes.” – Description by student trainer, Maya Tantuwaya, Third Year Animal Science Major

Sale Order 9 - Al Be Huntin

Sale Order 10: Johnny Be Dude- SCRATCH

2020 Sorrel Overo APHA Gelding
Current Height: 14.2 Hands

Sire: John Simon
Dam: Rap Her Up by Arapadude
Conformation Photos: Front, Hind, Side
Sale Video
“Johnny Be Dude is by the prolific APHA stallion, John Simon, winner of over 25 APHA World and World Reserve Championships. He is out of Rap Her Up, who is sired by Arapadude, a 3 x World Champion and the 1996 World Show Western Pleasure Maturity Champion. Johnny Be Dude is a calm and intelligent gelding with a smooth and graceful stride. His effortless and floating gaits are already apparent and are sure to get you in the winners’ circle in the future. He is already enrolled in the NSBA Color Breeders Championship Futurity, so he’s ready to make some money. His laid back attitude makes training him a breeze and allows him to be unfazed by new obstacles and environments.”-Description by student trainer, Fouad Awwad, a Fourth Year Animal Science major

Crossed out Johnny Be Dude image, no longer for sale

Sale Order 11: Action On The Rocks-

2019 Black TB Molly Mule
Current Hands: 15.1 Hands

Sire: UCD Actions Protege
Dam: Rockville Tizzy by Cees Tizzy
Conformation Photos: Front, Hind, Side
Sale Video
“Action On the Rocks is a two-year-old thoroughbred mule out of UCD Actions Protégé (by Action Jackson) and Rockville Tizzy (by Cee’s Tizzy). Like his sire, Mule Days Versatility Hall of Fame inductee Action Jackson, UCD Action’s Protégé has also claimed several championship titles. Protégé’s wins include Bishop Mule Days World Champion Performance Donkey in 2015 and earning the Rancho Murrieta Mule Classic Champion Donkey title in 2013. Roxy’s dam, Rockville Tizzy boasts a total career earnings of $28,000 in her racing career and was sired by the prolific Cee’s Tizzy, whose total progeny earnings exceed $37 million. Action on the Rocks’ refined build, energized movement, and long stride make her a fantastic contender for speed events. However, being determined, sure-footed, and a quick learner, she has the potential to succeed in a multitude of disciplines, from backcountry packing trips to the show ring. Her long legs and sleek build make her an elegant choice for riders of all kinds. True to the versatility of Action Jackson and Actions Protégé’s lineage, Action on the Rocks’ intelligent and friendly nature are sure to help her excel in whichever discipline you choose.” – Description by student trainer, Maya Tantuwaya, Third Year Animal Science Major *Full Disclosure: Action On The Rocks developed a capped hock on her right hock in May 2021. The capped hock has not caused any lameness at any time, and has been diagnosed as a ‘blemish’ which is a visual abnormality not anticipated to limit the animal’s function and not associated with pain or lameness.

Sale Order 11 - Action On The Rocks


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